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We are now happy to provide our customers with Ice Removal and Water Softner Salt!

We offer a variety of ice removal and water softener salt for delivery and for pick-up. Please call for pricing. 

We carry six kinds of salt / deicer:

  • Rock Salt: This is the most basic salt removal option with the lowest price. It’s recommended for anyone who simply wants the ice / snow removed.  Works down to 5ºF.
  • Green Melt: This is a Calcium Chloride / Sodium Chloride mix that will work down to -5ºF.  Its purpose is to jump-start the initial thawing process and extend the overall effective melting time to 60+ minutes.  It’s named ‘Green Melt’ because of the tint.  Not recommended for <1 yr. old concrete or any unsealed surface.
  • JetBlue: This is a pet-friendly ice removal option.  It is a 99% Sodium Chloride granule with minimal corrosive properties and an easy-to-see blue tint.  This deicer works down to -22°F and is suitable for sidewalks, porches and steps – it will not track inside or stain.
  • Peladow: This is 90% Calcium Chloride – a premium grade deicer: effective down to -25ºF.  It is considered our safest deicing option for all surfaces – including natural stone.
  • Resingard
  • Rust Free