Our Water

The water bottled by White House Artesian Springs, Inc. has its source deep in the solid rock of this area. Tests by state, county and city health departments testify to its absolute purity. The important absence of nitrates signifies the isolation from any surface water. Chemical analysis verifies the presence of many desirable minerals in the water. Our water analysis compares favorably with other nationally famous waters but costs much less.

In order to assure the quality to which you have become accustomed and as a precautionary measure, we have initiated safeguards against the ever-increasing contaminants in the environment. We did this by adding:
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  • A carbon filter to polish the water
  • Ozone to preclude any carbon filter contamination
  • Ultra-violet preceding filtration down to one micron for absolute clarity
  • Ozone on the filling line for any possible handling contamination

These measures assure you of high quality drinking water, while retaining the minerals desirable for good health.

The water is tested by the E.P.A., F.D.A., State Health Board, and the local health board. In addition, we also retain a certified testing agency to have a sanitarian pick up random bottled samples weekly for testing, as well as source water, in order to assure the quality of the water. A complete mineral analysis is run as required by law on a regular basis for the State Health Department and the F.D.A. The state Health Board also picks up random samples and runs complete analysis at their own discretion. Regular testing by state, county and city health officials guarantees the continued quality and safety of the water. The source of water is shielded from all man-made contamination. Consistent testing for the past 50 years shows that our water is not subject to chemical change as is often the case with waters having a more shallow source.

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We pump from six sources, registered with the state, with a daily capacity of over 300,000 gallons. The water comes from a broken rock formation 30 feet below ground level, which is sealed from surface contamination. All six wells are artesian in nature, and rise above the original aquifer. All of our sources are E.P.A. approved.

Remember, the waters from the approved sources of Whitehouse Artesian Springs, Inc. meet or exceed the requirements of the E.P.A. as to water, source, and quality standards for bottled water. We also fully comply with all labeling requirements as to contents and incorporate bar codes for scanning. All our bottling and tank facilities are stainless steel. All filling rooms are enclosed.